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Mojave Desert Ride

Are You Ready for the Desert?

Just a quick note to make sure that everyone knows about our up-coming desert ride and adventure on the week between Christmas and New Years.

For several years we have been camping at the “Wagon Wheel” staging area (also known as “Charlie’s Place”) and riding the Spangler Hills OHV area maintained by the BLM.  It's always the week between Christmas & New Years.  If you're in the area hunt us down and say "HI!" ,we'd love to see you!  If you're interested in joining us for a group ride then contact me and we'll go on an epic ride!

We also have a great Adventure Season with rides in Yosemite!  We won’t be able to get the smiles off our face while we take groups of adventurous souls into the absolute best that California has to offer.  For details regarding this adventure please see the "events" tab of click here:

Happy Trails!

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