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Lawrence on the trail

Lawrence Borgens - Founder

Lawrence founded Family Off-Road Adventures because of his love for the sport, people and areas that we ride in.

"I noticed that most adventure-tour companies advertise 'once-in-a-lifetime' trips that exclude most of the family. I have always gone riding as a family and enjoy extending this concept to our business."While growing up Lawrence was fortunate that his grandfather, Darold MacDannald, owned the local motorcycle shop so he grew up hearing names like "Honda", "Montessa", "Bultaco", "Penton", "Moto-Beta" & "Jawa".

For his 6th birthday he received a Honda QA50 and began racing right away.Most of Lawrence 's family also rode dirt bikes or participated in off-road racing and adventures so he had many role models that fostered his competitive spirit and affinity for anything with a motor. His uncle, Neil MacDannald, was a professional motocross racer sponsored by Yamaha and Naguchi and his grandfather Darold built several off-road race vehicles. Darold had the most success with his Class 8 (stock 2WD production model pickup) race truck named "Old Blue" winning many SCORE & NORRA races in the California Desert and Baja. Racing was a family activity and everyone got involved. This unique upbringing allowed Lawrence to grow up in a family that loves competition, the outdoors and travel. He extends this heritage to you during every adventure.

Lawrence still holds the values of family and love of motorcycles & the outdoors dear to his heart. Now he takes this passion and, with his wife Kimberley, raises their four children in an environment where the outdoors, motorcycles and family fun go hand-in-hand. Lawrence loves working with children in improving their riding skills and has coached many children through their first time riding a motorcycle.With over 35 years of riding experience, Lawrence has ridden and explored much of the western United States and Baja with many, many trail miles in the mountains and deserts of California and throughout Northern Baja. Lawrence's dream is to share locations of scenic beauty and historical significance with off-roaders that appreciate the people, history and beauty of the land in a fun, safe and adventurous environment.

Janet is Lawrence's Mom and she grew up thinking it was normal to go on lots of adventures in the Mountains and Deserts of California and Baja. Often her parents would say "Let's take the kids out of school for the week so they can go to Baja, they can make up the schoolwork later and the education they will get form going to Baja will be well worth it." Or "Now that our baby is two months old, it's time we take her camping." Later, when she had kids of her own, she found herself saying these same things!Now this "tradition" has been passed down to her six grandchildren.She was very fortunate that her parents owned a motorcycle shop then later bought the Stockton Honda dealership in the early 70's. As a result of this family involvement all of Janet's children and grandchildren started riding their own motorcycles at 5 or 6 years of age.The racing traditions of her family rubbed off on Janet as both of her brothers competed in scrambles, motocross and desert races. Janet's father, Darold MacDannald, began racing a Class 8 pick-up and competed in the Baja 1000 several times, occasionally finishing at the top of his class. And when her father went to these races, guess who got to go to and be on the pit crew?

THE WHOLE FAMILY! Including his wife, children and grandchildren!So when Janet's son began offering off-road adventures, Janet jumped at the opportunity to help out. "It's just like when we used to go to the races!" Janet and her husband, Jim Bates, act as a team to ensure the quality of our support vehicle operations.Janet has owned and operated her own business for over 30 years and has a keen sense for a bargain. In addition to driving support Janet helps ensure that all reservations and bookings are accurate."I am looking forward to meeting all of you on the next adventure!"

Janet Bates - Business Manager

Jim Bates - Support Truck Driver

Jim was introduced to dirt bike riding in 1987 riding an XR200 "play bike" by the Borgens and MacDannald families and has enjoyed learning the code of the trail and how to change his riding style based upon terrain and conditions. From mountains to deserts to Baja, Jim can now say he's ridden it all!

"I've enjoyed a variety of riding trips with family and like the bonding experience that we have. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a rewarding outdoor family outing".

Jim liked his riding experience so much he married Janet in 1989!​

Matthew Borgens got his start riding dirt bikes at an early age and has ridden several dual sport rides, and many miles of cross country riding. Matthew usually acts as a sweep rider and chase vehicle driver.

Matthew is a certified EMT and Firefighter with Medical experience.

He has shown a special ability to connect with younger and beginning riders to support them in the success of this exciting sport.

Matthew Borgens - Sweep Truck Driver / EMT

Aaron Borgens - Sweep

Aaron has been riding with his dad, brothers and sister since a young age. At the age of nine he received his first motorcycle, a brand new Honda XR-50. After learning the basics, he’s upgraded to one Honda after another improving his skills and endurance along the way. His current ride is an XR400 dual sport. That’s Aaron Borgens 2012right, he’s a 100% Honda guy!

Aaron assists in pre-running routes and event logistics. During events you’re likely to find him in the support truck or sweeping the trails. His specialty is repairs and assisting medical staff during on-trail emergencies. He’s great about pitching in and helping wherever he’s needed.

Aaron feels that Arlo Guthri’s ‘The Motorcycle Song’ best describes his love for motorcycles and Rascal Flat’s ‘Me and My Gang’ describes his feeling when riding with family and friends. Aaron is a pretty fast riding but not really competitive; he’s in it for the FUN! Aaron’s favorite saying is “Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.”

Aaron has ridden all over the Sierra’s, the Mojave Desert and down in Baja. Aaron’s other interests include travel, hiking, camping, parkour, BMX riding, airsoft & firearms. In his spare time he enjoys writing and drawing.

When asked what his favorite thing about the events he said “I enjoy meeting new people and hearing all the stories.” Aaron works hard with his family to make sure that every event turns out to be the best one ever!​

Benjamin has been riding motorcycles since the age of five. His favorite place to ride is the Mojave Desert & Baja but the Sierra’s hold a special place in his heart.

Benjamin is responsible for our fundraising activities which include selling raffle tickets. Benjamin has been very successful and has helped Family Off-Road Adventures raise thousands of dollars that have been donated to various charities and non-profits such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, the Sports Club of San Joaquin County & Camp Tuolumne Trails. He also helps with pre-running routes, event registration, sweep riding and set-up. Benjamin is great at jumping in and helping out wherever he is needed!

Benjamin has been around motorcycles all his life and nearly everyone in his family rides dirt bike. He was taught to ride by his father and looks forward to each event so he can get on his bike and go riding with everyone. Look for him out on the trail during your ride! His other interests include travel, ride dirt bikes, work on cars, hang out with friends, bicycle & hiking.

“I love being in an environment with people that like riding dirt bikes and working on vehicles. I look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events and on the trail”.​

Benjamin Borgens - Sales & Sweep


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