Become a Guide - Family Off Road Adventures

Become a Guide

Family Off-Road Adventures is seeking guides in the United States and Internationally.

We have developed a comprehensive, detailed & systematic business plan for creating successful & profitable events and you can succeed by following our step-by-step plan.

We want to work with people that:

  • Love to ride motorcycles
  • Have a desire to run their own business.
  • Are well organized.
  • Are a “People Person” & know the meaning of “servant leadership”.
  • Have expertise & experience in a scenic or historic destination.
  • Are able to create detailed routes.
  • Possess GPS & computer skills.
  • Desire to lead customers on memorable and safe family-friendly adventures.

We provide:

  • A comprehensive business model to operate a successful franchise.
  • Business coaching and mentoring.
  • Comprehensive on-line & social media marketing support.
  • All waivers, forms, flyers & paperwork.All Special Use Permits from Forest Service or other entities as required.
  • Complete on-line registrations and payment systems with full back-end access.
  • All insurance coverage and certificates.

You provide:

  • A suitable venue for the event including destinations with lodging & food.
  • Routes.
  • Day-of-event labor including personnel for registration, sweep, chase & support trucks.
  • Day-of-event vehicles.

Compensation Plan:

As each event is organized and filled detailed records of all costs and income are kept on-line and available 24/7. When the event is completed all expenses are totaled and subtracted from all income from the event. The remainder is then divided equally between the guide and Family Off-Road Adventures.

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