Family BBQ - Family Off Road Adventures

Family BBQ

Our Fundraising Goal - $100,000.00

Raised so far:  $72,448

Great FUN!  Prizes!  Bring the Family!

Join us for an evening of food and fun!

When:  Saturday night at 7pm

Family Off Road Adventures BBQ Raffle

This event has become a tradition during each Yosemite event.  Held on Saturday night, we have a great meal (legendary!) honor riders and hand out prizes.

Proceeds from the purchase of BBQ tickets usually benefit a local non-profit.

During the Family BBQ we hand out prizes.  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Proceeds benefit the Blue Ribbon Coalition which works to keep public lands public and provide back-country access to ALL Americans.

Vegetarian options are available.  BBQ tickets may be purchased at the door for $40.00 if they are available.