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Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure

September 21 - September 22


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Event Description:

The Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure is an AMA Sanctioned dual sport event held at the gateway to Yosemite National Park in Buck Meadows.  This event is open to any make or model of street legal motorcycle.

This two day, GPS based, self-guided adventure includes scenic & historic destinations both in and around Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest.  Using paved and unpaved roads, sometimes with "hard" & "easy" split options, you’ll have approximately 100 miles of fun each day!  "Easy" routes are perfect for beginners or large adventure bikes.  Experienced riders can be challenged by choosing "hard" splits if available.  We do our best to include as many miles of dirt as possible.

Event is operated under permit from the Stanislaus National Forest and limited to 150 riders so register early!  This event is open to any make or model of street legal motorcycle.

Registration Quick Facts:

  • 150 rider limit so register early!
  • AMA requires all riders to be AMA members.
  • Get your AMA membership here FIRST: www.amajoin.com/faorad.

Directions: [GPS: N37 48.926 W120 03.765] From Highway 99 or Interstate 5 take Highway 120 exit East towards Yosemite.  Stay on Highway 120 for 65 miles till you arrive in the town of Groveland.  Buck Meadows is a small community about 11 miles East of Groveland, towards Yosemite.  (Click Here for MAP).

Amenities: Our host for this event is the small, historic community of Buck Meadows.  Within this community is the Yosemite Ridge Resort http://www.yosemiteridge.com/ They can be reached at 800-706-3009 and provide cabins, full RV hookups, gas station, general sore & local dining.  The “Yosemite Westgate Motel” ("Motel 6" style) is also in Buck Meadows and the nearby are “Lost Claim” or "The Pines" campground operated by the Stanislaus Nation Forest.  Additional accommodations are available in Groveland.

Registration & Staging Location: Meet us at the registration booth to pick up your packet starting Friday at 5pm and resume again at 8:00am Saturday Morning.  The booth & staging location is on the grass next to the general store and fuel pumps in Buck Meadows.

FREE GPS Training: There will be a FREE class on how to navigate with GPS while riding in the back-country.  With or without trails, roads, land-marks or a paper map you'll be able to confidently navigate anywhere on the planet once you know the ropes.  Bring your GPS pre-loaded with our routes, something to take notes on and an open mind.  This class will be at 6:30pm on Friday at the registration tent.

Fundraising BBQ & Raffle: Join us on Saturday at 7pm!  THOUSANDS of dollars in gear, parts, accessories & apparel for you to win!  Food, Prizes & Fun!  Get your BBQ tickets on-line now.  BBQ funds benefit Tuolumne Trails which helps kids with special needs enjoy the outdoors.  Funds generated from the raffle are donated to Blue Ribbon Coalition.

GPS Routing: Bring your GPS!!!  A download of suggested routes and destination will be emailed to you a few days before your adventure.  Suggested routes will consist of paved, gravel and dirt roads.  Each day is usually about 100 miles, visiting different destinations each day.  We do our best to use dirt routes as much as possible.

Scenic Rides: THIS IS NOT A RACE!!!  This is a fun, EZ-to-follow, on/off-road, leisurely, scenic and historic trip through parts of the beautiful Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park.  In most cases easy routes are passable with a high clearance vehicle.  In case routes or destinations are closed alternate destinations and routes will be selected.

Motorcycle Requirements: All motorcycles must meet the following requirements.  Failure to meet ALL requirements will result in your money being refunded and you being asked to leave the event.

  • Quiet muffler with a spark arrester is mandatory and only helps our sport.  Nothing above 94db!
  • Must be street legal with all required lighting, licensing, registration and insurance.
  • You will need to be able to go at least 75 miles on a tank of gas.

Other Information:

  • Destination and routes are only our recommendations. The Yosemite area has SO MUCH to offer that we hesitate to limit your experience.  GPS downloads are an accurate representation of the route and include waypoints at various locations of historical significance and scenic beauty. A reference map showing suggested destinations, routes and bailouts is handed out during registration.
  • Bring rain gear in case of bad weather. This is a rain or shine event.
  • Bring a camera! This is a beautiful area!
  • Lunch is provided each day.
  • There is an optional dinner on Saturday night. After dinner we will hand out awards, raffle off prizes & recognize sponsors.



17:00 - Sign-up booth open

18:30 - Free GPS class


08:00 - Sign-up booth open

08:15 - Vendor booths open

08:30 - Riders meeting

08:45 - First bikes out

09:00 - Last bikes out

11:30 - Lunch is available

14:00 - Lunch closes

19:00 - Optional Fundraiser BBQ, Raffle, Prizes & Awards


08:00 - Sign-up booth open

08:15 - Vendor booths open

08:30 - Riders meeting

08:45 - First bikes out

09:00 - Last bikes out

11:30 - Lunch is available

14:00 - Lunch closes


September 21
September 22
Event Category:


Family Off-Road Adventures


Buck Meadows – CA
7589 State Hwy 120
Buck Meadows, CA 95321 United States

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Chad Jones says September 21, 2017

I registered a little late, can I get the gps files when I get there?


    Lawrence Borgens says September 29, 2017

    Chad, You can always get the files when you arrive.

RS says July 30, 2018

How are the fires affecting this ride on Sept 2018?

    Lawrence Borgens says July 30, 2018

    Since the event is still about 2 months away we can don’t expect this fire to have any bearing on the September event. The fire is also not in the places that we ride.

RS says July 30, 2018

Thank you. Great news. I am counting down the days to hit the road to this ride.

    Lawrence Borgens says July 31, 2018

    We can’t wait either!

Glenn Compton says July 30, 2018

I’m going to buy a dual sport so I can do this, (and other events to follow). Any recommendations on the right size bike for the trip? Is a Honda 250L too small? Is an Africa Twin too heavy?

    Lawrence Borgens says August 1, 2018

    I get asked this all the time and by far the best bike to get is the one that you LOVE TO RIDE! The smallest bike we’ve had was a 100cc Honda XR100 (with a plate!) ridden by a 5-foot-nothing woman that came with her family. The biggest bike was a Harley pulling a trailer (no kidding!). My point is that there is no bike too big or too small to do what you love to do. Find a bike that you like and join the fun! besides, I think that if you talk to anyone that ‘s ridden for a long time they will tell you there there is no “perfect” bike, that’s why most people that ride own a few of them!

      Nick stukan says March 25, 2019

      You are 100% correct. Helping someone choose their right bike is tough. Ride what you think you will be comfortable on is the best advice. And there is no perfect bike for everything.

Bryan Olson says August 9, 2018

Hey Lawrence, that fire continues to burn with lots of smoke issues in and around Buck Meadows. I’m signing up now, if, and that’s a big IF, you had to cancel, would we ride another location, ride another date or refund?

    Lawrence Borgens says August 14, 2018

    Bryan, A few years ago we had to cancel the ride due to the Rim Fire. When that happened we offered a refund to anyone that wanted one. Most people opted to just push their entry to the next event and rode with us on the May ride. That is what we would do again if needed. Right now the event is about a month away, the Ferguson Fire is over 80% contained and it mostly burned in areas that we don’t ride anyway. We’ll know more as we get closer but I think we’ll be ok for this September.

Rob says August 14, 2018

Wow, this event looks amazing. Quick question: my son will have his M1 permit by the event date, would he be allowed to enter? He is a skilled rider with a street legal dual sport and I am confident he is ready for this ride, just wanted to make sure he would be allowed to ride without his permanent CA motorcycle license. Thanks!

    Lawrence Borgens says August 15, 2018

    Rob, my son had his permit for only a couple days before I took him on the Sheet Iron ride. As far as I know you should be fine but please check with DMV for the final answer. As long as he’s legal in California then he will be fine to ride this event.

Dave Barsanti says August 23, 2018

Two riders will be riding plated KTMs and the other rider will be on a KLR. Will the KLR be able to ride on the DS route??? Thanks!

    Lawrence Borgens says August 28, 2018

    As far as I know a KLR comes with a license plate already on it.

Mark Dvorak says August 29, 2018

I am attending Yosemite Duel Sport Adventure Sept. 22 and 23, 2018. I have a truck with room for another bike. I will be leaving from the SoCal Inland Empire area Sept. 21 and returning Sept. 24. If someone is interested in sharing the ride and expenses contact me.

Kevin frost says September 17, 2018

Are you guys going to be emailing out the GPS track so we can download them at home

    Lawrence Borgens says September 25, 2018

    Thanks for asking! We typically email out the GPS files a couple days before the event.

Greg Miller says March 25, 2019

The dual sport calender has this event date listed as 9/28-9/29. You have it as 9/21-9/22. What are the dates?


    Lawrence Borgens says April 2, 2019

    Greg, Thanks for touching base. The correct date is September 21st & 22nd, 2019. We hope to see you there!

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